Like a Kiva in Native American culture, Keva Massage is a sacred space of healing. If you are seeking an experience and not simply a massage, you are in the right place. I provide a person centered approach to holistic healing, using several modalities to provide you with an energy transforming massage.

Massage should be provided in a comfortable atmosphere. In home massage services help to further relax you for the ultimate relaxation and healing session. At work sessions help you to release tension to increase productivity and morale. I partner with highly skilled therapists to provide couples massage, parties, events, and corporate services.

I believe massage can be used to assist in the release of stress, trauma, addiction issues, and depression. I will also assist you in facilitating the discovery of what is lacking in your life. My specialized methods are proven to be effective in releasing emotions to improve emotional, physical and spiritual health. In addition, I specialize in working with children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

I graduated from the Lauterstein Conway School of Massage in Austin, Texas. I received my MTI (Massage Therapy Instructor) license from the Asia Pacific School of Massage. I learned the fundamentals of Thai Massage at the Phuket Traditional Thai Massage School in Thailand.  I am a certified Level II Naturopathic Reiki provider. I received Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) certification from Klose.